About the performer...

"This Iowa native has made his mark in the modern folk tradition with his soulful flavor and varied guitar techniques. A true one-man show and professor of his chosen art, Waters epitomizes the professional bluesman, passing his lyrical experience on to whoever will listen and leaving more than a little of himself to linger onstage."

Ripsaw News, Duluth, MN

"Cam wowed us with the expansive range of his repertoire, particularly his expertise in and knowledge of the blues. His guitar is clean and clear one moment, then funky and dirty the next... amazing."

Flinthills (Kansas) Folk Music Guild Newsletter

About Big Moon...

"Big Moon is high-quality bluesy folk: poetic, intelligent, engaging, and listenable. His melodies stay consistently catchy and innovative. Big Moon is wonderfully arranged and produced, but rest assured: Cam's rich, smooth voice and his cleanly intricate and melodic fingerpicking make these songs a real treat in solo performance, too. If you have a chance to see this Minnesota based songwriter live, don't miss it!"

Victory Review, Seattle, WA

"I received Big Moon with much pleasure and interest... a beautiful surprise. It is very enjoyable and well-crafted and I immediately included it on my playlist."

Remo Ricaldone, Radio Gold, Alessandria, Italy

About Shoetown...

"Shoetown showcases Waters' many gifts. He is a top-notch guitarist, a fine storyteller, a naturally tuneful, to-the-bone songwriter, and a singer with an expressive, woody voice whose intimate, conversational manner often disguises the artfulness of his phrasing... a performer of immense capabillity."

Icon Magazine, Iowa City, IA

"Waters' real talent is his ability to capture real life in the microcosm of a four minute song. His outstandingly well-crafted, insightful lyrics, his skillful, memorable guitar playing in a nice blend of styles, and his gentle voice make Shoetown a strong, solid effort."

Dirty Linen Magazine, Baltimore, MD

About Take Your Time, Mr. Brown...
 (with The Sugar Kings)

"Take Your Time, Mr. Brown ties these vintage tunes together into a cohesive, easy-going piece that goes down like fine sippin' whiskey. And despite the antique vintage of the bulk of the selections, Waters' vocal deliveries manage to at once respect the sources while keeping the presentation engaged and alive This is a real winner and highly recommended."

Jim Musser, Iowa City Press-Citizen

"The Sugar Kings are a new generation of players in the tradition of Koerner, Ray, and Glover, yet with a spirit and sophistication that is uniquely theirs. Listening to this collection, I concluded that the Sugar Kings are cooler than a gin rickey sipped on a New Orleans balcony on a warm spring evening."

Tom Hendrickson, Twin Cities Blues News